Miss Colombia Daniella Álvarez Returns To Swim The Ocean After Her Leg Amputation (VIDEOS)

Without losing her smile and stopping dancing, Daniella Álvarez has become an example of self-improvement. She shared her decision just four months ago to undergo a  partial amputation of her left leg. After the complications of another surgery paralyzed the limb, it hindered her mobility and autonomy. The Colombian model reached this very difficult resolution. She would lose her leg to learn to walk with a prosthesis and regain a life as full as the previous accident.

Since then, her Instagram account has become the testimony of a promise that he is fulfilling step by step. After recovering from the operation, she showed us the video of his first dance with her brother. He is her main support on this path. Afterward, she has proudly shown her scars and the happy and difficult moments she has lived in recent months. And now the good weather is coming to the southern hemisphere. The one crowned Miss Colombia has enjoyed a dip in the sea that she missed so much.

Daniella’s family has been at the foot of the canyon throughout her journey. This time, it has been her cousin who has accompanied her in this very special moment. “After all how hard my process has been, what a beautiful reward it is to feel the sea’s water again.” Those are the words the model wrote. She was plunged into the ocean full of desire but still many doubts.

“I had been wondering for days what it would be like to swim again. More than that, it was my doubt not knowing if I would enjoy it as before. And again, I see it NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. Here I am with my soul cousin. In my days harder, she promised me that we would return to the sea together. ere we are, and I am too happy.”

The video shows her swimming on the high seas without difficulty and with more skill than her cousin. The cousin uses a pool noodle. Me with the noodle ​​and her without the noodle! Do you see it as normal?” She said in front of the camera.

Her next challenge: dancing on the beach

As shown by all the messages accompanying her images on the beach, Daniella is delighted to have returned. She has returned to enjoy the sun and the sea. But she still has another summer wish to come true:  “I want to dance now !!!!!”  she wrote at the bottom of a video that she rescued from last year. Look at this video I found dancing with my two legs,” she says. “I hope I can surprise you dancing champeta, only this time I will do it with my prosthesis!! Amen, Amen”. 

And it is that she was dancing champeta as the former Miss Colombia won over her Instagram followers. Dancing is what she likes to do the most and one of the reasons she decided to go ahead with the operation. ” Here they are infiltrating me to reduce inflammation. 

The less cheerful side of your recovery

She has her religious devotion and the support of her family. Her refreshing attitude has helped Daniella face this process with the best of smiles. However, not all moments of recovery of this caliber are easy. In addition to spreading her happiness, the model has taken care to show the other side of such a difficult postoperative period on her Instagram. It includes scars and medications. There are physical therapy sessions, and they are now part of her routine. As such, they have their place in an account dedicated to showing the good and the bad. This is a new part of her life. 

A few days ago, she showed what the painful infiltration and laser process she is undergoing. It’s to reduce the volume of her scars consist of. ” You have to watch everything they do to me,” she explains. At the same time, her makeshift camera is forced to look up. “My respect to this woman,” he says. Daniella betrays the pain in her deep breaths but faces the process without making a complaint. 

This is just one part of Daniella’s new reality. Every day she has to take twenty-four pills and receive an injection. It ensures that blood clots do not form in her body. ” Being medicated has been one of the most difficult things in my recovery. Some of these pills make me sleepy during the day, hindering my rehabilitation. Others like the injection have my whole belly with bruises,” she says. 

The dose will be lowered little by little. They are necessary to alleviate the severe pain and cramps she still suffers in her legs. “It is very hard to fight against sleep and the fatigue caused by the medicine. But what I can tell you is that nothing stops my desire to get ahead.”

Watch Daniella’s Before and After Instagram videos below.

By Coricia

Marketing manager and co-Chief Editor of Maritime Herald.