Terrifying Creature Pulled From The Depths Of The Ocean Stuns Fishermen

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Nature continues to surprise us. Fishermen are full of stories about what is found in the deep waters, such is the case of Garry Goodyear, an expert from Bonavista Bay, who off the coast of Newfoundland, in Canada discovered something shocking. He came across a strange and terrifying creature while looking for a turbot – a ghost fish.

Garry Goodyear expected to find a turbot north of Bonavista Bay. The net began to raise it from about 800 meters deep. On his journey, the fisherman was scared to find a strange fish one meter long.

“OMG! What the hell is that? … I’ve never seen anything like it before! ”Was Garry Goodyear’s reaction, according to CBC News.

It was a huge fish that had the shape of a suction cup, wing-shaped fins and a squid-head-shaped snout, neon green eyes. A species better known as a long-nosed chimera or ghost fish that lives 2,600 meters below the surface.

“I thought it was a platypus, because it had a big snout. It looked like it had wings, and its nose was … almost like rubber. I guess it was like cartilage, “Goodyear told the aforementioned media. When they brought the fish on board they discovered that the fish was dead, although at first they did not know what species it was.

“What a strange looking fish we pulled from the depths on our turbot trip. Does anyone know what it is? ”, The fisherman wrote on his social networks.

The puzzled netizens did not know what the name of this species was. There was even one who said it was a Chernobyl creature. However, it was later identified as a long-nosed chimera. A poisonous deep-sea fish, better known as the “ghost fish”, who is compared to a chimera, the mythical Greek monster.

The ghost fish is a cousin to sharks and rays. It does not have a skeleton made of bone and its structure is made of cartilage.

Terrifying Creature Pulled From The Depths Of The Ocean Stuns Fishermen


Source: MultiMedios