Surfer Heard A Splash And Felt A Nudge But Never Imagined What Was That Close To Him (VIDEO)

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The worst almost happened when a  surfer did not notice that a shark was swimming near him on an Australian beach

The surfer became aware of the danger he had been in after seeing the video that a drone captured. It happened in Australia.

A drone managed to capture the moment when a five-foot-long shark swims near a surfer on a beach in New South Wales, Australia. This recording was shared on Facebook, where it did not take long to go viral.

One of the things that most astonished users of the social platform is that the surfer, Matt Wilkinson, had noticed the presence of the marine animal, but not how close it was.

“When I went to shore and the lifeguards showed me the images, I felt very strange to see that the animal was much closer to me than I thought,” said the athlete, who has won a world championship.

Several Facebook users mentioned that what happened with Wilkinson should serve as a warning of the potential attack that bathers can suffer. They also remembered the death of surfer Nick Slater last month.

Watch the incredible Facebook video below … 


Source: Mag el Comercio