He Suffocated To Death While Trying To Eat A Puffer Fish That Inflated In His Mouth (IMAGES)

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The author of the find was a man who was walking with his daughter on a beach in the Cook Islands, in the Pacific Ocean.

A German diving instructor was walking with his daughter on a beach on Titikaveka Island, in the Cook Islands, in the Pacific, when he made a strange find: a sea eel that had suffocated when trying to swallow a puffer fish that was inflated in his mouth.

Tim Mayer  related that at first he believed that it was a piece of wood on the sand; However, when he got closer he realized that what was in front of him was an eel more than 1.2 meters long that had died while trying to feed.

After the discovery, the diving instructor and his wife contacted Kirby Morejohn, a local marine biologist, who explained that the puffer fish probably used its defense mechanism when the eel tried to swallow it, and that when it inflated it ended up stuck in the throat of its predator, causing death by suffocation.

“I was impressed when I saw it I couldn’t believe that this type of interaction existed and that I had never heard of it,” said Morejohn, who said that he had never seen anything similar in his entire career.

“It looks like the puffer fish got the best of the eel, but they both paid the ultimate price. And right behind them, a rainbow was sinking into the horizon. It was surreal,” Mayer noted of the scene he witnessed.

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Source: Actualidad RT