New Theory Says That The Titanic Sank For This Unusual Reason

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Meteorologist Mila Zinkova’s theory suggests that the compasses of the well-known ocean liner were slightly altered due to a solar storm.

We all know the story about the sinking of the Titanic, either from the movie in which Leonardo DiCaprio was the protagonist or from multiple references in popular culture. History tells us that it sank after hitting an iceberg, and there have been many theories that try to explain why this happened. However, one of these theories draws a lot of attention due to its relationship with a beautiful meteorological phenomenon.

This theory is raised by the American meteorologist Mila Zinkova, and she tells us that, in reality, it was a solar flare that influenced the Titanic’s compass readings and for that reason it collided with the iceberg. This means that the interference produced by this phenomenon could also cause a disruption in the transmissions that occurred between the ocean liner and other nearby ships, which also blocked calls for help or responses.

Why Is The Solar Call Theory Suggested?

This theory arises after multiple accounts of castaways who say that an Aurora Borealis was seen after the Titanic sank.

“It was a faint glow in the sky coming from the starboard quarter,” wrote a survivor of the tragedy, Lawrence Beesley.

Many of them believed that it was dawn, and they were beginning to ease up for that reason. However, it was not.

“But we were doomed to disappointment: the soft light increased for a time and died a little (…) The Northern Lights! Suddenly it occurred to me. So it was”.

As is known, a solar flare consists of an intense release of electromagnetic radiation that is equivalent to several hydrogen bombs, and an aurora borealis arises as a product of the interaction of the Earth’s magnetic field with these solar particles. Mila Zinkova raises this theory which was also published in the Royal Meteorological Society.

“Even if the Titanic’s compass had moved one degree, it could have made a difference.”



Source: Aweita la Republica