Think Twice Before A Marriage Proposal On The Water (Viral Video)

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He planned everything in detail, hoping that both he and his partner would remember this beautiful moment but inadvertently became the protagonists of the viral video that caused a sensation on Twitter.

Asking your partner to marry you can be a really stressful time, especially for those who want everything to go perfectly, but what do you do when that special occasion turns into a hilarious viral video? Don’t miss out on the details of this never-before-seen situation!

That was precisely what happened to the protagonist of a clip that became a trend on social networks such as Twitter, who came up with proposing to his soul mate in a motor boat that got out of control and ruined the great occasion .

In the images shared by Theo Shantonas, who is unknown if he was involved in recording them, a man is seen standing on a boat while his future wife was in another very close.

Asking the boats to be brought closer together, the groom stands on the edge of his, takes a ring out of his pocket, and asks the woman if she wishes to become his wife. When she seems to answer him with a resounding yes, they both merge into a big hug.

Unfortunately, the excited bride apparently stepped on the throttle of the boat, causing it to go full throttle. She falls backwards and her future husband ends up in the water. The cameraman also loses his balance as a result of the fugitive boat.

This uncomfortable moment that was immortalized in a viral video has more than 87,000 reproductions on Twitter and a huge amount of comments from users surprised by the misfortune of the participants in this irreverent marriage proposal.

See the Twitter video below ….



Source: Mag el Comercio