Animal Cruelty At Its Worst When They  Capture A Crocodile And Drive Away With It On A Motorcycle (WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO)

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The internet always gives us stories that leave us speechless, for better or for worse. Especially about this latest situation we want to show you today, of those that outrage us all because unfortunately, never missing is the evil that those who want to be “smart” with the animals, and now some young people had nothing better to do then to apparently steal a crocodile… yes, you read that correct. 

It turns out that this video began to go viral, which has given us something to talk about on social networks because it shows two young men taking a reptile out of its natural habitat, as if it was nothing. According to Excelsior, the events could have occurred in the estuary of the Las Aguamitas Sataya community in Navolato, Sinaloa,  an area that is supposedly protected and where this species is not in danger.

In the video we can see how the perpetrators arrived at the river with ropes, which they manage to tie to the crocodile’s head. After that, they try to lift it with all their might without success, in fact you can hear how they start to get frustrated when they see that they can’t handle the little animal. Someone out there says go get a motorcycle and suddenly things started to get out of control.

From one moment to another, in the video we managed to observe how these people had tied the reptile to the motorcycle seat while the driver sat on top of it. And as almost always happens in this type of case, those responsible were recorded to show off the crime they had done, which of course did not turn out as expected because the internet came together to repudiate the way they were mistreating the alligator.

It is not known exactly where the crocodile was 

There is very little information about this case, but thanks to the images it was learned that after the young people took the crocodile, they took the El Vergel-Las Aguamitas highway towards an unknown direction. According to local media, in addition to tying him up and taking him away just like that, it is likely that he has been sedated so that he does not move and in one of those he throws whoever was riding the motorcycle.

Until the moment we write this note, the Navolato authorities are investigating the fact because apparently they do not know if the video is current or they are pure fake news. Either way, they are already looking for the people to find the whereabouts of the crocodile, but above all to pay for what they did before the law. Hopefully they will find those responsible and punish them because removing an animal from its natural habitat is not a joke. 



Source: Sopitas