Weird Sea Creature With 7 Tentacles Found In Washington USA (Image)

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“But what kind of cephalopod is this?”, was the question that more than one asked when seeing the photograph taken on the rocky coast of Washington that captured the attention of social networks in recent weeks.

In recent weeks a viral photograph unleashed reactions of all kinds on social networks. And it is that in Washington (United States) a strange gelatinous-looking creature, very similar to an octopus, but surprisingly has 7 tentacles aroused the curiosity of locals and strangers. What kind of creature was it and what species does it belong to?

Whidbey Island resident Ron Newberry was the one who discovered the rare being during a quiet day of fishing. At low tide, the “red ball with what appeared to be tentacles” could be spotted, the man told Live Science. The creature was dead, so he decided to capture several photos and then share them on the Facebook page Whidbey Camano Land Trust, a nature conservation organization.

Internet users on social media quickly made the photos viral, reaching the eyes of experts from the Seattle Aquarium, the University of Washington, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Smithsonian Institute. They all offered insights into the identity of the creature.

And indeed, the main animal in the viral photo is a bright red octopus 1 meter long and with only 7 tentacles. The size of the population of this type of octopus is unknown and very little is known about their natural habitat. In males, the eighth arm is placed in a sac next to the right eye and pulled out when transferring sperm to potential partners.

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Source: Mag el Comercio