Sunk 80 Years Ago Nazi World War II Ship Found Off The Coast Of Norway (VIDEO)

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It is the Karlsruhe, a 174-meter ship that was hit by a British torpedo when it was about to return to Germany. It was found by a power company at a depth of 490 meters.

The Statnett Electric Company found a sunken Nazi ship off the coast of Norway during World War II. The discovery was made at a depth of 490 meters and 24 kilometers from the coast of the Nordic country. Check it out on YouTube.

It is the Karlsruhe , a 174-meter Kriegsmarine ship that was hit by a British torpedo when it was about to return to Germany after invading Norwegian lands in 1940. After the impact, the crew was evacuated and the ship was sunk by the own Germans.

Since then, it has been under water for 80 years. Although the ship had already been detected in 2017, it has only recently been possible to take photographs that show its appearance. To do this, Statnett used a remote-controlled submarine equipped with cameras that revealed that the ship was well preserved, in its natural position and that the cannons and even ornaments such as a swastika between an eagle and an anchor were visible.

The power company and a marine archaeologist pointed out that the find is only 15 meters from an underwater power cable that has been operating since 1977. According to Reuters, Statnett would have laid his power cable elsewhere had he known they were there. the remains of a ship from World War II.

Watch the Youtube video below …


Source: Trome