Nudist Swam More Than Five Hours In The Ocean To Avoid A Fine For Being Naked On A Beach

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The incident occurred last Saturday when the tourist was caught walking naked along the coast of the Valencian municipality of Alboraia.

An unusual operation had to be carried out in Valencia, Spain, after a man decided to swim for more than five hours out to sea so that he would not be fined for being naked on a beach.

According to ABC, the incident occurred last Saturday in the Valencian municipality of Alboraia, when the tourist was caught walking naked along the coast.

After realizing that the police had discovered him, the man began to swim out to sea to avoid being captured. Faced with this situation, two local police officers boarded a private boat to help him and avoid an accident.

However, the tourist refused and began to act aggressively against the officers, so a Maritime Rescue boat and a helicopter arrived to support the operation.

Finally, and after five hours of pursuit, the man agreed to get on the boat, to later be arrested once he reached the mainland.


Source: The Clinic