Man Catches Shark … Shark Gets Revenge

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Australian fisherman bitten by shark he just caught.

A fisherman who was trying to haul up a shark he had just caught was bitten on the arm by his prey, and had to be hospitalized, Thursday off the east coast of Australia.

The man caught a longiman shark while fishing off the touristy island of Fraser, located about 400 kilometers north of Brisbane, a spokesperson for LifeFlight, an air-medical rescue organization, said.

“The patient explained to rescuers that he was trying to unhook the animal from his fishing line when the latter attacked his arm,” said the same source.

His fishing companions helped him free his arm from the shark’s jaws, but the 50-year-old fisherman suffered serious hand wounds and had to be airlifted to a hospital.

In July, a diver was fatally attacked while spearfishing near the same island.

The accident comes nine days after a surfer was killed by a shark in Gold Coast.

It was the first fatal attack in decades to this tourist town on the eastern seaboard of Australia.

Man Catches Shark ... Shark Gets Revenge


Source: tvanouvelles