He Catches Them ‘Holding Hands’ While Swimming At The Bow Of His Boat (VIDEO)

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While these two dolphins were swimming it seems that they are ‘holding hands’, the video has already gone viral.

Nature is amazing and many times try to teach values as a society have lost to the lifestyle we have.

Brian Kirby, a technical officer with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, was aboard a small boat in Gladstone, Australia, when he saw a pod of dolphins swimming at the bow of the boat.

Brian immediately took out his camera to record the dolphins and captured the moment when one of them brought one of his pectoral fins closer to that of another as if he wanted to “hold his hand.”

Brian said: “It was just nice to watch. I didn’t realize at the time that the dolphins were ‘holding’ their fins. I only noticed when I got home and was able to calmly review all my photos and videos.”

Watch the Youtube video below …


Source: Excelsior