A Father Saw Him Drowning And Jumped In The River To Try And Get Him To Shore (VIDEO)

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On YouTube, a video of a man went viral, when he saved the life of an animal by diving into a river and dragging it out of the water.

Through YouTube the video spread and has gone viral and has touched many viewers, after revealing the tender gesture that took a man with a deer. A family was boating on the river, when one of them saw an animal swimming almost without any strength left and went to help him out of the place.

These caring people, rescue the deer from the cold water and get it to the mainland. The father of the family felt that it was his duty to help the deer and with great courage he jumped into the water to save it. Taking it by the belly, the man moved the young deer a few meters to shore.

Upon arrival, the family could see how exhausted the deer was, since it did not have enough strength to flee from the man and it remained lying on the ground.

The courageous act did not go unnoticed on social networks, several users congratulated the family, especially the man who rescued the animal.

Deer are known to be able to swim, however this young deer tried to cross a great distance, perhaps trying to escape a predator.

Watch the Youtube video below …


Source: La Republica