Monstrous Creature Captured Weighing More Than 45 kilos In An Unusual Place In Florida (IMAGES)

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This type of turtle, identified for the first time in 2014, is considered a threatened species due to the contamination of its habitat and illegal trade.

During a recent study by a team of biologists from the Florida Institute of Fish and Wildlife (USA), a huge specimen of the Suwanne alligator turtle (‘Macrochelys suwanniensis’) weighing 45 kilos was caught in a stream of waters. state residuals, reports a statement from the same institute.

“The New River is a sewage stream with low biological productivity, so finding a large turtle in such a small stream is unusual,” commented the institute when referring to the finding of this specimen.

During the investigation, which aims to document the distribution and relative abundance of this species in Florida, two other specimens were also captured, a female and a male, weighing 21 and 29 kilos respectively.

This endemic tortoise from the Suwanne River was identified for the first time in 2014, since until then it was believed that it was a common alligator turtle (‘Macrochelys temminckii’). It can live up to 100 years and reach a weight greater than 90 kilos; It is currently considered a threatened species, mainly due to the contamination of its habitat and illegal trafficking.

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Source: Actualidad RT