They Record The Spectacular Moment Of The Underwater Birth (VIDEO)

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Both mother and calf are in good health and are currently spending time together away from the public eye.

The birth of a baby beluga whale was filmed at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago (USA). After 15 hours of parturition, the mother whale gave birth to a male calf 160 centimeters long and 63 kilograms in weight.

“We at Shedd Aquarium are still touched to share this exciting experience with the public and create meaningful moments to marvel at and learn from through the world of aquatic inhabitants,” said Dr. Bridget Coughlin, president and CEO of the aquarium.

Bella, 14, was a mother for the first time, which carries some risk, as the pups of new mothers experience a high mortality rate, according to the aquarium article. However, in this case both mother and newborn are doing well and are currently spending time together away from the public.

The aquarium employees observe the mother and the calf throughout the day, recording their activity minute by minute. They also help the calf to suckle, as little belugas are not able to do so independently until a few days after giving birth.

The Belugas  are small white whales that inhabit the waters of the Arctic and subarctic. It is estimated that some 136,000 specimens live in the wild.

Watch the incredible Youtube video below …


Source: Actualidad RT