A 4-Year-Old Girl Found Floating On A Unicorn Life Preserver Off Coast of Greece (VIDEO)

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The quarantine has brought us incredible stories that almost always leave us with a square eye. Some have to do with the pandemic and others are not even related to what the virus that the world is facing, but despite that they do not cease to surprise us as on this occasion, because a girl had to be rescued after spending several hours floating in the sea … on a unicorn life preserver.

This occurred in the town of Antirrio located on the Gulf of Corinth, just east of Greece. It turns out that a family was taking advantage of the sunny day to go to the beach and enjoy the day, you know, something normal in the summer. Everything was normal, the couple and their daughter went into the ocean, but everything changed when the current began to rise and when they least realized it, the girl was very far from them.

According to Fox News, the parents panicked when they realized the enormous distance she was at – she had reportedly gone at least half a kilometer. Immediately and with no time to lose, they contacted the port authorities to help them rescue the little girl who at that time was floating adrift.

Fortunately, there was a passenger ferry near the area, so they quickly contacted the captain to ask them to retrieve the girl. Some of the people who were on board gave their testimony and according to what they say, the only thing they saw in the distance was a white point but as the ship approached they noticed that it was actually stuck from a small sitting on a unicorn life preserver. 

The girl’s harrowing rescue

Of course, upon seeing her, rescue maneuvers began to be organized. They immediately got to work and after a few stressful minutes they managed to get the girl out safely. The captain of the ferry explained that the minor “was in a state of shock. She was tightly attached to the life preserver and she didn’t move, she was scared. When we rescued her, she started crying.

After the rescue, they took the girl to the port of Antirrio where her parents were waiting for her, who were also in shock because of everything that happened. The authorities have warned about the danger posed by the use of this type of floating device when it comes to getting into the open sea with them, since it is easy for the current to drag them away quite quickly, they have also recommended that these are only used in swimming pools.

Watch the Youtube video below …


Source: Sopitas