Hurricane Laura Makes Landfall With Winds Of 240 km/h And Warns Of Its Destructive Power

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In Louisiana and Cameron, wind gusts of up to 108 km / h have been reached, while in the Calcasieu district they have exceeded 113 km/h.

In addition to the coronavirus health crisis , other problems are coming to the United States such as Hurricane Laura, which, according to the United States National Hurricane Center (NHC), this Wednesday reached category 4 with maximum sustained winds of 240 kilometers per hour -140 miles per hour – just as it crashed off the Louisiana coast.

The NHC also noted that it has reached a category with which the hurricane has become very dangerous: “Laura has become an extremely dangerous category 4 hurricane with catastrophic storm surge , extreme winds and flash flooding on the northwest coast of the Gulf of Mexico tonight. ” To which he added that: “There is little time left to protect life and property.”

On the morning of this Thursday, in Louisiana and Cameron wind gusts of up to 108 kilometers per hour have been reached , while in Calcasieu Pass these have reached 113 km / h .

In addition, in Cameron, most of its residents have already been evacuated, although some still remain. Meanwhile, it is estimated that over 100,000 residents of the Calcasieu district, in Lake Charles, could be affected by possible floods. It is estimated to reach Arkansas on Thursday night and the Mississippi Valley on Friday.

150 mph winds

According to reports obtained by a US Air Force hurricane hunter plane, maximum winds of about 240 km / h were reached, with even stronger gusts , and it is that a category 4 is extremely dangerous, and even so it is possible of it getting stronger on Thursday afternoon, as they admitted from the NHC.

From Laura it should be noted that it is the first “major hurricane” in this hurricane season in the Atlantic, which will be capable of forming 25 storms – 13 have formed so far – and up to 11 hurricanes – 4 have been formed: Hanna, Isaias, Marco and Laura-.

Hurricane Laura Makes Landfall With Winds Of 240 km/h And Warns Of Its Destructive Power

This hurricane has been compared to the one called Harvey, which, between August 1 7 and September 2, 2017 , caused up to a hundred direct and indirect deaths , in addition to damages worth 125,000 million dollars in Texas and Louisiana because of the floods, being also a category 4 hurricane.


Source: AS Diarioas