A Phenomenon That Has Rarely Been Caught On Camera In The Gulf Of Mexico (VIDEO)

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A video shows six waterspouts that were recorded in the Gulf of Mexico, they are swirling off the southeastern coast of the United States at the height of tropical storms, for this reason the inhabitants of the Gulf prepare for these natural phenomena.

The waterspout or water hose is a funnel that contains an intense vortex or whirlpool that occurs over a body of water, usually connected to a cumuliform cloud. Waterspouts are divided into two types: tornadic and non-tornadic. The former are tornadoes formed on water or formed on land and then passed into the aqueous medium. The latter are similar in appearance but are not tornadoes.

Some of these storms have wreaked havoc on the Mexican coasts . This video was recorded by Frank LeDay and shows the vortices moving over the ocean in a group of six as has rarely been seen before.

“This is unlike anything we’ve seen, and two hurricanes are expected to hit our state almost one after the other. This may mean that people will have to shelter in place for more than 72 hours and that there may not be time to do things like restore power lost between the two storms.”

Watch the Youtube video below …


Source: Los40