Sea Creature The Size Of A Human Caught After An Earthquake In The Philippines (PHOTOS)

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The natural habitat of these fish is at a depth of 100 to 400 meters. Apparently the trapped specimen climbed into shallow water after the strong quake.

After a 6.6 magnitude earthquake registered on Tuesday in the Philippine province of Masbate, fishermen from the island of Tubabao caught a huge ‘Lampris guttatus’, known as real sunfish, local media report.

The deep-sea fish weighed 80 kilograms and its size was comparable to the height of an adult. According to Juan Albalajedo, regional director of the Philippine Bureau of Fisheries and Water Resources, the king sunfish was caught by fishermen when it went into shallow waters after the strong earthquake.

The official also highlighted the value of the fish caught. “It is considered a good fish. It is sold fresh, frozen or cooked as sashimi, and it has a very high price,” Albalajedo said. Later, the fishermen managed to sell it at 200 Philippine pesos ($ 4) per kilo.

The natural habitat of the ‘Lampris guttatus’ is found at a depth of 100 to 400 meters. Specimens up to two meters long are known, weighing up to 270 kilograms.



Source: Actualidad RT