He Tricks His Girlfriend Into Wearing A Bikini That Disintegrates When She Enters The Ocean (VIDEO)

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Right before heading to the beach to have a good time, Dein switched out his girlfriend Estelle’s new bikini, with an identical one that disintegrates in the water. 

Naughty, go! 

Dein is a famous wizard for making things disappear.

In a now viral Facebook video he posted last Saturday, he can be heard saying that it takes “15 to 30 seconds” for the chemicals to disintegrate the swimsuit. 

This is obviously what happened. 

The footage then shows Estelle realizing that her bikini is gone and even comes to the strangest conclusion that it has been stolen. 

Obviously, her partner who laughs and who has been filming her from the beginning is actually the only culprit in this story. 

Dein finally went to rescue by giving Estelle a towel so that she is able to come out of the ocean covered up. 

It all seems to be a planned recording, but who knows! 

Watch the Facebook video below and decide for yourself …


Source: Le Sac de Chips