Man Jumps From His Boat Onto A Whales Back While It Swims Around The Ocean (VIDEO)

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The Arabian man was not afraid to jump on the whale to free it from the fishing wire he was caught in.

A man starred in an incredible viral video on YouTube after jumping from his yacht onto the back of a whale. The spectacular event occurred in the Red Sea, near the city of Yanbu in Saudi Arabia.

Abu Wadih is a local tour guide and diving expert. The confidence of knowing the sea and its marine creatures made him jump off his yacht and ride a whale as a rider does with his horse, placing his legs at his sides and holding on to the dorsal fin.

The Arab citizen did not expect that the video that his friend recorded and in which he appeared jumping on the back of a whale would be very popular on social networks and in international media. Since the scene is unfamiliar, especially with a huge animal like a whale.

Abu Wadih explained to the Arab media Ajel that the video clip was not a viral challenge. He and his friends were planning to go fishing. The whale became entangled in the fishing wire, prompting them to descend on it to loosen the wires stuck in it.

The tour guide indicated that this whale always played with the fishing boats and swam close to them. Therefore, Abu Wadih emphasized that he did not fear any reaction from the whale when it jumped on its back, and that the whale can be as tame as a dolphin.

“We cannot harm her, but we care enough to take care of her, especially with the wire that she has tied around her and we are forced to get on her to untie her, ” said the Arab man. According to the Arab media, the man has 30 years of experience fishing in the sea.

Abu Wadih said that he achieved the first places in fishing in the Kingdom Championship, the Arab Country Championship and the Medina Championship in 2009, 2013 and 2014, inviting visitors to Yanbu, the capital of diving, to enjoy the sea, the rich fisheries, the marine creatures and the coral reefs in their brilliant colours.

Watch the Youtube video below which contradicts the story above by stating the man is an idiot who jumped on the whales back for fun.


Source: El Popular