The Devil Fish And The The Details Of The Plague That Threatens The Rivers Of Mexico (PHOTOS)

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The first specimens of the devil fish in Mexico were detected in 2003 in the north of the country, but they are already present in the center, west and southeast.

For more than 15 years, a pest called devil fish has been detected; That name was attributed to it because it took over the ecosystem of the El Infiernillo dam.

The first place where it was located was in Michoacán, where he lives without problems. Now, attack again, but south of Tamaulipas.

Fishermen have designed a strategy to keep them away from local rivers, but the reality is that this plague is the worst that has occurred in Mexico.

What effects does the devil fish cause?

From Sonora to Tabasco and Chiapas, the rivers in the country report a plague of pleco fish, commonly known as devil fish.

This animal carries the risk of loss of aquatic ecosystems and even damage to human health.

The National Commission for  the Knowledge and Use of  Biodiversity (Conabio) warned that Hypostomus plecostomus multiplies at very high speed in the country.

The agency pointed out that there is a risk that it will reach the Lacandona Jungle reserve.

The deputy director of Invasive Species of Conabio, Ana Isabel González, asserted that Mexico is completely invaded by plecos.

Apparently they are harmless fish, a species of aquatic cockroaches, whose behaviour was altered when they left their natural habitat, which is the Amazon.

The devil fish threatens species of greater demand and consumption

The devil fish can reduce or exterminate the native and introduced species of economic importance, and damage fishing nets.

Likewise, it alters the stability of the banks, increasing erosion, and preys on the young of other species.

This animal took over rivers and lagoons and lives in the dirtiest part of them, since it generally buries itself in the mud.

It has a bone armour capable of accumulating heavy metals.

The Devil Fish And The The Details Of The Plague That Threatens The Rivers Of Mexico

Eating devilfish can cause cancer

Despite the warnings, devil fish is also marketed as meat to make hamburgers at the La Puntilla fish and seafood market in Tampico, Tamaulipas.

The head of Sanitary Jurisdiction Number Two of Tampico and Ciudad Madero, Héctor Pérez, indicated that he does not know if this animal is edible.

The fishermen affirm that it is a predator that is killing the species of greatest demand and consumption.

It was said that due to its shell it was not a product that could be used, but it is already marketed.

The Devil Fish And The The Details Of The Plague That Threatens The Rivers Of Mexico

One of the fishermen revealed that they take it to other states where they make nuggets, hamburgers and even devilfish ceviche.

Miguel Verástegui, director of the civil association Ambientam, indicated that this fish has the peculiarity of storing heavy metals in its bone structure, as well as in its tissue and liver, so he warned that the devil fish can be carcinogenic.

Therefore, he asked the population to be alert when even trying to consume them due to the large amount of pollution that rivers have and the high toxicity of fish.

The Devil Fish And The The Details Of The Plague That Threatens The Rivers Of Mexico


Source: La Neta Noticias, with information from Cultura Colectiva, Milenio and Excelsior