Pirates Assault And Rob Two Fishermen With Shotguns

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At the point of shotguns, a few days ago pirates assaulted a boat in which two men were fishing.

The criminals were unable to remove the outboard motor because it was well secured, but the grouper and other fish captured by the victims were stolen.

The assaulted vessel is “La Golondrina”, 26 feet long and owned by permit holder Anselmo Canul López, who explained that the criminals could not dismantle the outboard motor, so they stripped the communication radio and the marine equipment stack, abandoning the fishermen.

The assault occurred on Thursday of last week, explained Anselmo Canul, known as “Panucho”, whose boats are based at the La Caleta dock.

The two fishermen were to the west of Yucalpetén when a boat with two hooded men approached just before midnight.

With shotguns, both men pointed at the riverbanks and told them it was a robbery.


The assailants fired at the fishermen, forced them to lay on the bottom of the boat, and tried to dismantle the 75-horsepower outboard motor, but since the marine equipment is well installed, they were unable to remove it.

Then about 100 kilos of grouper and other fish were stolen from the coolers.

“La Golondrina” and the two fishermen were left adrift because the assailants took the battery from the outboard motor, as well as the communication radio.

Later, fishermen who passed through the place rescued the fishermen, gave notice to their base in La Caleta and a boat was sent to tow the riverine boat.

Anselmo Canul reported that the complaint was filed with the State Prosecutor’s Office for the assault committed on the high seas.

Pirates Assault And Rob Two Fishermen With Shotguns


Source: Yucatan