THOUSANDS Of Chinese Attend Mega Party In CORONAVIRUS Epicentre (PHOTOS)

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Thousands of Chinese braved fear of the epidemic in Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus, at a techno mega-party in a water park that was making a splash on social media Monday.

China, where COVID-19 first emerged late last year, has largely brought the virus under control since then, with just a few dozen new cases daily reported in recent days by official records.

The metropolis of Wuhan (center), cut off from the world for 76 days between January and April, has also gradually returned to normal life after being the first city on the planet to be quarantined due to coronavirus.

Last weekend, Maya Beach Water Park was thus filled to the brim with swimsuit-clad revelers, dancing closely side by side to electronic music – and visibly without any mask on the horizon. 

The establishment reopened in June and limits attendance to 50%, according to local media. The entrance ticket is also reduced by 50% for women.

Many participants paddled in a large orange buoy, alone or with others.

Images released by AFP drew scathing comments on social media, as COVID-19 has infected more than 21 million people around the world, including more than 766,000 fatally. 

“This is how we cause a second or a third epidemic wave!” It’s smart … “wrote a user on Twitter.

THOUSANDS Of Chinese Attend Mega Party In CORONAVIRUS Epicentre


While many Chinese continue to limit their travel and wear masks in public, the city of Wuhan is seeking to revive its economy severely affected by the epidemic at the start of the year.

The province of which it is the capital, Hubei, which has not experienced any new cases of contamination since May, thus offers free tickets to 400 tourist sites.

THOUSANDS Of Chinese Attend Mega Party In CORONAVIRUS Epicentre


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