A Russian Lifts A 50-kilo Barbell 76 Times Submerged Underwater And Surpasses A Guinness Record (VIDEO)

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The previous record was set last year by the American, Greg Wittstock, with 62 repetitions.

Vitali Vivchar, from the Russian city Tomsk (Siberia) beat the world bench press record with 50 kilos while completely under water, local media reports. The man managed to lift the weight 76 times, beating the previous record set last year by American Greg Wittstock with 62 reps.

Vivchar revealed that “a couple of years ago” he found a story about an athlete lifting a barbell underwater and breaking a Guinness record. “So I thought I had enough skills to do it myself: I have experience winning bench press competitions. Also, I am an amateur diver. So I applied to set a new record,” he said.

The athlete has been training for the last two months to make his attempt on Lake Lebiazhie near Tomsk on August 13. All the actions of the athlete were monitored by various experts and independent observers.

“I was really worried because the water became cold and muddy due to bad weather,” Vivchar detailed in a video, posted on his Instagram account. “I was also very nervous before my presentation. My pulse was over 108 beats per minute! It took a long time to calm down,” he added.

Now, the man will have to present the necessary documents and evidence for his result to be officially recognized and included in the Guinness Book of Records.

Watch the Youtube video below …


Source: Actualidad RT