They Jump Into a Waterfall In Jamaica And Quickly Disappear (VIDEO)

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Frederic Esnault and Tshawe Bagwa were hiking in Jamaica when they found this waterfall that flows into a natural pit; so they jumped in not even knowing where it would lead to.

Located in the jungle of Port Antonio, on the island of Jamaica, there is a peculiar waterfall that disappears through a hole in a rock and ends in a cenote, a kind of cave submerged in darkness.

Norwegian tourists Frederic Esnault and Tshawe Bagwa were hiking through the jungle when they came across the waterfall in question.

Some friends who witnessed the jump decided to record the moment they decide to jump into the waterfall and disappear through the hole in a video that has gone viral on the Internet.

Frederic said: “The water tunnel leads to a kind of cave, and the stream takes you to the end of the sinkhole which is in total darkness.”

Watch the Youtube video below …


Source: Excelsior