Two Polar Bears Fight Over Something That The Tide Carried To The Shore (VIDEO)

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Eventually the huge mammals establish ‘a hierarchy’ and organize to eat together the carcass of a walrus.

The cameras of the national park ‘Russian Arctic’ captured the moment in which two polar bears fight for their food. 

The recording,  posted  on the national park’s YouTube channel, shows two specimens of the planet’s largest mammalian predators fighting over the carcass of a walrus that the tide washed ashore. However, despite the ravenous hunger that led them to fight, the bears made the wise decision to share the remains of the walrus.

The episode took place on the coast of Cape Zhelaniya, where a hidden camera was installed, said Iván Mizin, deputy director of the national park for scientific work.

“The video shows how the two adult males try to control the food source, thus they fix relationships with each other and build a hierarchy to organize how to distribute that walrus. I think that this walrus is enough for several bears, so that they gain strength for a couple months to spend a summer season that is unfavourable in terms of food resources, “explained Mizin.



Source: Actualidad RT