She Has Been Swimming With Them For 25 Years Saving Those In Danger

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The woman uses a special chain suit as a precaution.

We know that when you are on the beach, and you decide to go into the sea for a dip and start to move away from the shore, a thought could begin to take over your mind: What is below me? Could a shark, for example, come here, grab my legs between its sharp teeth and dive under the water to devour me? Well, perhaps, the story of this woman can change your perspective of what until now you have considered completely wild and dangerous animals.

Her name is Cristina Zenato, a conservationist and professional diver who has spent nearly 25 years of her life swimming with sharks, studying them, helping filmmakers and photographers reach them, but above all, helping them preserve their health.

It is also known as The Shark Enchantress or The Sharks Dentist, because part of its important work is to free these large fish from the ravages of human fishing activity and from the hooks that often get stuck in their large snouts, hurting them, deeply.

To do so, she is not afraid of anything and, with her mind fixed on her mission, she is able to insert her hand into their snouts to unhook them and to free them from torment.

It all started with a female shark. When she saw her suffering, Cristina decided to help her and it was the first time she put her hand inside the snout of one of these creatures. The reward was enormous, because the shark approached her and allowed her to caress her, showing gratitude, since then they became great friends, and that was the defining moment that triggered her obsession to remove their hooks, as it is a common problem.

To protect yourself from a dangerous situation, in which a shark could bite you, she uses a special chain suit, simply as a precaution.

However, Cristina assured, their mission is to remove the stigma that human beings have about sharks, and show that they are docile, ambitious creatures and that they enjoy human contact as long as it does not represent a danger to them.

Throughout her life, since she gave up everything to move to the Bahamas to dedicate herself one hundred percent to sharks, she has made quite a few friends in the area where she works, and when they see her dive, they immediately come by to caress them, and swim with her without any feeling in danger.

She Has Been Swimming With Them For 25 Years Saving Those In Danger


Source: Multimedios