White shark poaching is in danger (WARNING Graphic Images)

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The king of Guadalupe, the great white shark, is in serious danger from the stalking Chinese pirates looking for their fins and the closure of tourist and recreational activities in its only aggregation center in Mexico, which leaves this crucial predator unprotected for the balance of the ecosystem.

José Pepe Romero, president of the organization Demystifying Sharks, warned that with the suspension decreed since March, the Guadalupe Island Biosphere Reserve was left alone and vulnerable, because during the white shark watching season, from July to November, cruises that take visitors, carry out important patrol work that inhibits poaching

“Well, look what is happening in Galapagos, in the end it is a protected area, and the Chinese fleet is right at the limit, but it stops because right now in Galapagos there are boats and there are people who are taking care of it, so it is a great risk that presents today in Guadalupe Island, and that it can end with a species ”, he lamented.

The activist defender of sharks pointed out that the situation that exists on Guadalupe Island, in Baja California, also impacts the pockets of hundreds of families who depend on this activity to get ahead in the middle of the economic crisis.

“Imagine, the trips were already paid for and they are people who make a living from the trips, mainly the tips and all that, they are being greatly affected, “he said.


Shark fin trafficking is a reality in our country, and in the world, where pirates without a license or fishing permits prey on patrimonial seas, warned Dulce Martínez, National Technical Deputy Coordinator of Sea Shepherd Mexico.

“They go fishing where they can find, they use their radars, their satellites to catch what they pay the best in the markets ”, he explained.

He explained that the practice of shark finning, banned worldwide, is horrible and extremely cruel, because poachers capture the specimen, cut off its fins and return it to the sea to bleed to death.

“Sharks need their fins to swim and to live, so they die, fall into the sea, sink and in this way they can fish more, they can cut more fins and the load weighs much less, ”he said.

In the remote Guadalupe Island Biosphere Reserve, it is estimated that between 250 and 400 individuals, adults and juveniles, interact, enjoying the strong temperate currents, rocky bottoms and colonies of sea lions and elephant seals.

White shark poaching is in danger (WARNING Graphic Images)

An estimated 26 to 73 million sharks are killed each year to supply the fin market.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the United States (NOAA, for its acronym in English), shark fins are priced at more than $ 700 per kilogram.

In China, a plate of shark fin soup can cost up to $ 200.

White shark poaching is in danger (WARNING Graphic Images)


Source: Imagen Radio