Bodies Have Been Found After Military AAV Sank In Tragic Accident

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The “training mishap” occurred near San Clemente Island, about 78 miles off the San Diego coast, on July 30, when the amphibious assault vehicle drank water.

SAN DIEGO – Officials of the United States Marine Corps have found the sunken amphibious assault vehicle involved in the deadly “training accident” off the coast of Southern California last week, and the remains of eight members of the service that died in the accident.

Officials of the USMC at Camp Pendleton said Tuesday that crews with the 15 th Unit Marine Expeditionary (MEU), I Expeditionary Force Navy (MEF) and the Group Amphibious Ready for the Makin Island (ARG) had been able to positively identify the location of the amphibious assault vehicle (AAV) on Monday.

The AAV sank off the coast of San Clemente Island, about 78 miles from San Diego, on July 30. Nine service members died in what USMC officials called a “training mishap” when the AAV filled with water during a night training maneuver.

On Tuesday, the 15 or MEU confirmed that the Rescue Submarine Command US Navy had detected human remains near the AAV sunk.

The Navy is helping to recover the remains of the seven Marines and one United States Navy sailor killed in the incident.

The USMC said “the equipment to properly and safely recover the seafloor will be in place by the end of this week.” Following the recovery of the bodies, the USMC will carry out a “dignified transfer” of its Marines and Sailors.

The USMC said the AAV sank to a depth of about 385 feet, less than the 600 feet previously estimated by military officials.

In addition to the eight service members who will be recovered from the sea, a Marine was pronounced dead at the scene of the July 30 incident. Search and rescue efforts for the remaining eight service members ceased on August 1, who were presumed dead.

Bodies Have Been Found After Military AAV Sank In Tragic Accident


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