Miracle In The Middle Of A Pandemic! Italy Rescues Migrants Off The Coast Of Sicily

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The Italian authorities expressed their concern about the arrival of more people on their territory in the midst of the coronavirus health crisis.

ITALY – At the least 84 migrants were rescued on Wednesday July 29 coastal bodies of Italy when they were exposed to drifting off the coast of Libya after the inflatable boat they were traveling ran out of air. According to information from the AFP agency, among the travelers were six women and two children.

According to the statement issued by the coastguards, the migrants were intercepted in the search and relief area, and were later transferred to an Italian ship that is destined for the island of Lampedusa where a reception center is located and is considered the first European territory. on the way of migrants from North Africa.

According to the statement issued by the Italian coast guard, the Libyan authority responsible for search and rescue activities did not assume the coordination of operations due to the lack of naval resources. They also stressed that France did not respond to the call either and, therefore, Italy assumed the coordination of the operations and sent a ship to aid the refugees.

This week, at least 13 boats with more than 300 people on board have reached the center of the island of Lampedusa, a place with capacity for 95 people where there are currently more than 1,000. Facing a possible wave of coronavirus infections due to the arrival of so many migrants, the Italian Minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese, decided to send the Army and ships to the coasts of Sicily and Lampedusa to allow immigrants to quarantine those ships.

The Sicilian authorities are currently denouncing an explosive situation with the massive arrival of immigrants, with the risk that the spread of coronavirus will spread more. Italy was one of the first countries affected by viruses, registering more than 246,000 confirmed cases and more than 35,000 deaths to date.

Miracle In The Middle Of A Pandemic! Italy Rescues Migrants Off The Coast Of Sicily


Source: el intra news