Famous Fashion Executive Dies After Brutal Attack In The Ocean Off Bailey Island Maine, USA (VIDEO)

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Julie Dimperio Holowach, a New York fashion executive and owner of the Kipling brand, was killed by the shark.

Julie Dimperio Holowach, executive fashion city of New York, died in the attack by a shark that most likely mistook her for a seal, officials said Marine Patrol Maine, in the United States.

Holowach, 63, “started screaming” when the shark attacked her on Monday afternoon, said Tom Whyte, a neighbour who witnessed the horrifying death. Just minutes before, the woman was “laughing and giggling” with her daughter as they swam together about 20 yards from Bailey Island, Whyte told the Portland Press Herald.

But seconds later, the former president of handbag company Kipling North America “just started screaming for help,” said Whyte, who used binoculars to watch the scene unfold from her second-floor office in a building.

Whyte told the newspaper that Holowach “sank” when her daughter swam toward her. “It looked like she was dragged down.” Another witness, Steve Arnold, told the newspaper that he saw Holowach being thrown out of the water. “I saw her get up out of the water a little,” he said.

After Holowach was attacked, her daughter swam back to shore, where she collapsed and screamed for help. Two kayakers, identified as Charlie Wemyss-Dunn and his mother, rushed to assist Holowach in the water and brought her back to shore.

“We saw what was in the water. We saw her condition, ” Wemyss-Dunn narrated. Once Holowach was brought ashore, paramedics immediately declared her dead. Holowach, who was wearing a wetsuit at the time, was probably mistaken for another fish.

“Until further notice, swimmers and boaters are urged to exercise caution near Bailey Island and avoid swimming near fish or seals, the Marine Patrol of that state, northeast of the country, reported shortly after the tragedy on Monday.

That same day, two Long Island (NY) beaches were evacuated from bathers after the sighting of one or two sharks. At least four large white sharks lurk in the local waters of New York and Jersey, and another is on the way, shark tracker Ocearch reported in mid-July.

Earlier, in late June, a young shark  appeared two-meters from swimmers and then died in Rockaway Beach (Queens), just two days before finally the beaches of the city opened to tourists after the pandemic of the coronavirus.

Famous Fashion Executive Dies After Brutal Attack In The Ocean Off Bailey Island Maine, USA

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