He Was Travelling Down A River When It Violently Crashes Into His Canoe (VIDEO)

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“The video does not show the force of the impact, I lost my balance and started rolling,” says the man.

Firefighter Pete Joyce lived the scare of his life when a crocodile hit the canoe with which he was travelling on the Waccamaw River, in North Carolina, United States.

The large reptile rammed the boat and caused Joyce, 46, to end up in the water, though he quickly recovered.

Everything was recorded on the camera he was wearing.

“I was going to turn when I saw it coming towards me. The video does not do justice to the force of the impact, ”the firefighter told NBC News.

He also said that he felt the crocodile swimming under the canoe minutes later.

For Pete it was a strange experience because, he confesses, he had never had problems with crocodiles despite meeting several.

Fortunately it was no more than a scare that left an impressive video.

Watch the viral Youtube video below …


Source: Noticias Caracol TV