An Off-Duty Police Officer Rescues Boy From The Ocean When They Seen It Approaching Aggressively (VIDEO)

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The minor was practicing ‘boogie-boarding’ on a beach in the state of Florida when the shark approached him a few meters away.

Adrian Kosicki, a police officer in Cocoa Beach (Florida, USA) who was out of service, jumped into the sea to save a boy who was floating on a ‘boogie-board’ – water sport in which the A surfer glides over the wave walls on a board until he reaches the shore — noticing that a shark is approaching the youngest.

De According to police Cocoa Beach, the Kosicki officer was walking with his wife along the beach when he noticed the presence of the shark, and noticing that “dangerously close” to the boy decided to go to the sea to put the child out of danger.

As shown in the images, the shark was a few meters from the infant before he was dragged to the safety of the shore by the officer.

So far, the shark species in question has not been identified.

“Thanks to Adrian, we will never know what that shark’s intentions were, and that boy will forever have a pretty cool story to tell. Great job!” Acknowledged the Cocoa Beach Police.


Source: Actualidad RT