She Is Sitting By The Pool And Almost Gets Crushed To Death (VIDEO)

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A viral YouTube video shows the precise moment in which a woman was within inches of being crushed.

The viral video has caused a stir among Internet users on YouTube and other social networks. Well, this is the moment when a woman was saved from being crushed to death by a tree, but her quick reaction and incredible reflexes became a trend on social networks.

A security camera captured the entire moment the woman lived with her two young children, in what seemed to be a quiet summer day in Georgia, United States.

The viral video on Youtube shows the moment where the mother was reading a book while her children were swimming in the pool. Everything, was going well until they heard a strange and loud sound that came from the trees that the mother was sitting below.

In just seconds it is commended how she, with an extraordinary maneuver, quickly gets up and flees from the area, in the same instant a huge tree fell on the sun chair where the woman was sitting reading a book.

The kids were in shock and decided to get out of the pool to see how their mother was; and they realized that the trunk was within seconds of having seriously injured her.

Watch the Youtube video below …


Source: Mag el Comercio