It Appears Out Of Nowhere On A Crowded Beach As Bathers Scream And Flee In Terror (VIDEO)

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It is viral on Twitter. Those present spotted a shark fin near a woman and screamed in fear.

A video shared on Twitter went viral on various social networks. The clip reveals the panic felt by several tourists from a beach in Israel when they witnessed the appearance of a whale shark near them. Images quickly became a trend in the countries of Mexico, Canada and the United States.

The bathers experienced a moment of panic because a whale shark came very close to the shore. Those present screamed when they saw a fin, similar to that of a shark, that was next to one of the tourists while swimming.

“He is going to that woman!” Quotes the Times of Israel portal, the exclamations of one of the vacationers. “She hasn’t noticed!” Said another before the animal disappeared into the water.

Although they are the largest fish on the planet, whale sharks do not pose a threat to humans. This gigantic animal feeds by filtration, consuming tiny organisms, such as shrimp and algae, near the surface of the water.

Also, these fish do not usually approach the coast, so this is an unusual case. Despite this, Adi Barash, the head of the conservation organization ‘Sharks in Israel’, recommended avoiding their encounter for the animal’s sake.

It should be noted that this species has been in danger of extinction by the International Union for Conservation of Nature since 2016.

The Twitter clip already has more than 9,000 views and hundreds of likes.

Watch the viral Twitter video below …


Source: La Republica