He Risks His Life As He Jumps On A Gigantic Whales Back To Save Its Life (VIDEO)

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A shocking YouTube video revealed the moment when a brave fisherman did not hesitate to jump into the sea to free a huge whale from its restraints.

Thousands of YouTube users have been totally impressed after witnessing a video in which a brave fisherman showed off rescuing a huge whale that had been stuck in a huge fishing net.

The man risked his life to save a huge humpback whale from dying. The clip quickly became a trend on social networks and in the countries of Mexico, Canada and the United States.

Sam, an eel fisherman, was with his companions near the coast of California ( United States ) when he spotted a huge humpback whale without being able to advance. The cetacean had been trapped in the net of a buoy and in a matter of hours or days it could starve.

“We came from fishing and there was a white buoy that was wrapped around the whale’s tail,” said the cameraman, Nicholas, who added, “It was kind of splashing on the surface of the water.”

Little did they care to continue fishing to help this gigantic animal. Their rescue mission lasted around three hours. They called the coastguards, but they claimed there was nothing they could do.

Without support, these youngsters decided to help the whale on their own and in the first hour managed to cut the buoy off the rope, but part of it had been caught in its tail.

It was then that Sam entered the water and on the third attempt he was able to approach the animal’s back and cut the ropes with a knife.

Thousands of YouTube users were surprised by the bravery of the young, especially Sam, who understood that the only life expectancy of the humpback whale was them.

Watch the viral Youtube video below …


Source: La Republica