If You Are Feeling The Heat Today…Cool Down And Chill By Watching This Video

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A young man saw the hilarious behaviour that his dog had when entering the pool of his house and decided to record it and then share it online.

A video published on Facebook and Youtube has gone viral and has surprised thousands of viewers, because it reveals a funny scene starring a dog, which was completely relaxed while floating in the pool at home. The unusual scene quickly became trending on social media.

Every day you can see on Facebook, and other Internet platforms, thousands of videos featuring animals in all kinds of situations. Some of these moments are characterized by being funny and emotionally moving and others just curious, as is what happened on this occasion.

The young man, who knew that his dog enjoys to be in the pool, placed small floats on the water so that he can get in without having to swim, without imagining that the dog would end up being completely relaxed. Seeing this, the man recorded this unusual scene and then shared it on the networks.

In the short video that went viral on Facebook and Youtube, you can see how the dog, who is a golden retriever, floats calmly in the pool with the coloured pool noodles below him. However, the animal does not even flinch in the presence of his owner and only has its eyes fixed on going forward.

At the same time, the water was moving the dog little by little through the whole place, but despite this, it does not move a single centimeter.

This curious clip went viral on Facebook , got thousands of views in a matter of hours and generated all kinds of reactions and comments. Some of the most prominent were: “That dog does know what it is to relax.” “That dog is reflecting on his life, while he is in the pool. It represents me ”, among others.

Watch the viral video from Youtube below …


Source: La Republica