An Epic Fight On The Doorstep Of Their House (VIDEO)

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The animals surprised a woman a lot, who when wanting to leave her home, saw the confrontation. The video soon became a trend on Facebook.

Videos starring animals will always make an impact on social networks. Thus, we have a clip shared on Facebook that went viral as the protagonists of two dangerous alligators who fight wildly at the door of a house in Fort Myers, Florida ( United States ).

It turns out that a woman named Susan Geshel got up early (6:45 am) to have coffee at her home, when she suddenly heard a loud knock on the door. After opening it, she was surprised that two alligators, around 7 feet long, were outside.

Realizing that both animals began to face each other, nerves invaded her. “Joe, they are fighting, they are fighting. Jeez, they’re fighting outside the door, ” her husband was heard to say, according to the viral Facebook video.

Due to the fear that the scene generated in her, she decided to enter her home and, from the window, recorded how the alligators eventually left. Although it is unknown how they came to her door, the truth is that the recording has left users of the social network speechless.

Currently, the video broadcast on Facebook accumulates more than 10,000 views. Definitely a viral that you should not miss. That said, in this note we leave the clip for you to appreciate it without problems.

Watch the viral Facebook video below …


Source: Mag el Comercio