Woman Gives Birth In An Inflatable Boat Near The Libyan Coast

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The woman was trying to enter the country illegally along with almost one hundred people.

A woman gave birth last night in an inflatable boat with a hundred migrants who were intercepted by the Libyan Coast Guard.

At least six of the occupants of the boat have died.

Last night a woman gave birth in a rubber boat that was floating in the Mediterranean. She was one of 93 immigrants intercepted and returned to Libya. Six other migrants are reported to have died,” said spokesperson for the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Safa Msehli, through her official Twitter account.

The NGO SOS Mediterranée has explained that the rescue ship ‘Ocean Viking’ searched for the migrants’ boat for twelve hours after receiving a distress call, but was intercepted by the Libyan Coast Guard with another rescue ship, the ‘Mare Ionio’ from the NGO Mediterranea Saving Humans as a witness.

The migrants’ boat was in international waters, although near the Libyan port of Misrata.

The baby was born in the sea and was returned to a war zone along with 93 other people,” has denounced another NGO, Alarm Phone, which points to the” Libyan allies of Europe”as responsible.” Europe, stop killing the life of blacks at sea!”, he riveted. The migrants were released after arriving on land.

The ‘Mare Ionio’ ​​received the first call for help on Friday at 12.22 through Alarm Phone: he was talking about 95 migrants, including 20 women and eight minors who had left the previous night from Al Joms, in Libya, and were at drift due to engine failure.

They also claim that there were European ships from Operation Irini closer to the boat, so they asked Rome to intervene to “prevent them from being deported back to the Libyan hell from which they were trying to escape,” explains Mediterranea Saving Humans.

Woman Gives Birth In An Inflatable Boat Near The Libyan Coast

After the arrest of several of the migrants by the Libyan Coast Guard, the ‘Mare Ionio’ offered to take on these people to take them to a safe harbor, but the coastguards refused.

Once again the money and the means contributed by Italy to Libya together with the cooperation of other European governments have caused the deportation of refugees to a country at war,” Mediterranea has warned.

Woman Gives Birth In An Inflatable Boat Near The Libyan Coast


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