A Father And His Two Children Fall Into A Water Well Trying To Take A Selfie (VIDEO)

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The father and his two young children fell 12 meters deep.

Jakarta, Indonesia emergency units have rescued three family members who fell into a water hole for taking a selfie.

Apparently, people stood on a roof of the structure without realizing that the material was too thin to support the weight.

This is a man, identified as Puji Sugiarto, 43, who was with his children, Al and Dee, five and seven years old, respectively. While they were trying to take a photo, the well cover broke and they fell 12 meters deep .

The cries for help were heard by people in the area, who immediately called the emergency services. The water and pipes reportedly helped cushion the fall .  

The rescue operation lasted for about an hour and the family members were able to leave without any serious injury.

“The father landed first at the bottom and his sons sank afterward. They were lucky to survive such a big fall,” said fire chief Edi Purwono.

Watch the Youtube video below …


Source: Actualidad RT