Black Water Discharge On Acapulco Beaches Causes Outrage (VIDEOS)

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After almost three months of the quarantine where Acapulco had improved the quality of its beaches, the discharge of sewage angers social networks.

A video circulating on social networks shows how wastewater, or better known as “black water”, is directly discharged to the beaches of Acapulco.

A person recorded from a hotel room in Acapulco how liters of sewage ran through the sand of Icacos beach until they reached the seashore, where they were distributed causing a huge stain in the bay.

The images caused outrage among the population, especially among the inhabitants of the port and neighbours who were proud of how clean and crystalline their beaches looked after the mandatory quarantine and the closure of the beaches by COVID-19 and even now, they cannot be comfortable at home because of the strong smell.

The Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources assured that an investigation of the origin of these will be carried out since the discharge of sewage is considered a federal crime.


Watch the Twitter video below …


Watch the Twitter video below …


Source: Los40