Greenpeace Denounces Massive Salmon Leak In The Los Lagos Region

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The environmental organization Greenpeace, reported that during the night of Friday there was a massive escape of salmon from the “Caicura” farming center that is operated by the company Salmones Blumar SA., In a sector near the Caicura Islands, in front of the cove The sand.

The salmon farm, which is dedicated to aquaculture in general, raising, production and cultivation of salmonids, is located within the territory of the Hualaihue commune, in the Seno Reloncaví, province of Palena, in the Los Lagos region.

In this regard, they point out that the general manager of Blumar, Gerardo Balbontin, specified the farming center until yesterday registered 875,144 fish of the Atlantic salmon species, with an average weight of 3,828 kilos.

The National Fisheries and Aquaculture Service (Sernapesca) confirmed the massive leakage of specimens, although the exact number is still unknown.

“It is unpresentable that the company itself does not know the magnitude of the leak. The sowing permit was for a total of 1,009,474 salmon and in this event practically all the cages sank, so at least we are talking about 1 million escaped salmon. We also know that the industry systematically falsifies the data on sowing and mortality, this was demonstrated by the case of Nova Austral where former manager Nicos Nicolaides presents different complaints and lawsuits for concealing the figures, ”condemned the coordinator of Greenpeace Campaigns, Estefanía González.

“The fisheries authorities have authorized areas supposedly appropriate for aquaculture, which in practice are not, and the continuous environmental disasters demonstrate this with facts. We do not need Sernapesca to look at these disasters, but rather urges that the concessions generated by these very serious events act and expire, ”González explained.

For the moment, and if the weather conditions allow it, two boats and a tug will enter, loaded with materials, buoyancy elements and prepared by the Logistics Area of ​​Blumar, to start the evaluation work of the module, they explained from the company.

From the environmental organization, they insisted that this fact cannot be justified by the weather conditions. “We are talking about a storm that occurs under normal conditions for the month of June in the area, it is not even the worst storm expected in this area. Instead of questioning the climate, what we should question is the existence of these centers there. Every year there is evidence of the incompatibility of salmon farming with the climate, the marine ecosystem and the legitimate uses of local and indigenous communities, which are also profoundly affected. This is an area precisely requested as ECMPO by a group of communities, ”they argued.

They reiterate that salmon escapes have a great ecological impact since being artificially introduced species, they do not have natural predators. They are carnivorous animals that attempt against the native species of the area.

“We will present all the necessary legal actions to expire the concession and the environmental permit (RCA) of this center. We will present a complaint to the Superintendency of the Environment and we will insist on the sanctions that come, the communities and the environment cannot wait for years, as happened with the Chiloé disaster or the escape of Marine Harvest. We will continue to investigate the details of the case to make the information available to the local community and authorities. Today the information that comes from the industry is not reliable, so we will continue working to achieve transparency and denounce the real magnitude of these disasters and their impacts, ”said the Greenpeace spokesperson.

Greenpeace Denounces Massive Salmon Leak In The Los Lagos Region

The National Fisheries and Aquaculture Service (Sernapesca) confirmed the massive leakage of specimens, although the exact number is still unknown.

For her part, Yohana Cuñuecar, representative of the Admpu Ka Lafquen Community , part of the group of applicant communities of the ECMPO Mañihuieco-Huinay, also referred to the serious situation. “We believe that this type of disaster should not be overlooked and we hope that the Authorities do not hide behind the current pandemic of COVID-19 to carry out the corresponding inspections and we await the maximum sanctions that the state agencies can apply, “expiration of the maritime concession and expiration of the resolution of environmental qualification of this project.”Once again it is evident that this type of industries should not operate in spaces where native peoples live. We are from the Mapuche Lafkenche people and we will be administrators of this ECMPO together with the artisanal fishermen, shore gatherers and user groups that live and live with the sea, whose value and respect is what allows us to continue carrying out our customary practices today ” , assured the indigenous representative.


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