Drone Captures Surfers Who Have No Idea What Is Lurking Below Them (VIDEO)

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The young man who filmed the moment with his drone, had his father alert the first responders who were guarding the area.

An incredible drone video, shot by a teenager in South Africa, shows a very close encounter between a great white shark and unsuspecting surfers in Plettenberg Bay.

In the recording, the shark is seen stalking six surfers and a kayaker, none of whom seemed to have any idea that the animal was right under their feet. When a wave broke, they finally noticed the shark moving just below them and headed towards the beach. Neither was injured.

The National Maritime Rescue Institute (NSRI) posted the video on their Twitter account along with an urgent safety warning for all bathers.

According to local media , Zach Berman, the young man who filmed the moment with his drone, had his father alert rescuers who were guarding the area. These, for their part, began to clear the beach and entered the water to help the group.

“Normally we fly the drone to capture nature, and I saw the shark and followed it. When I saw how close it had come to surfers, I told my dad to get them out of the water,” said the teenager. “I was on my way to get them out, but by then the shark was moving pretty fast. When the shark was already under its boards, first responders had not yet arrived.”

Berman added that it was “really scary to be there with the remote control, seeing that shark heading towards the surfers.” “You really don’t know what to do in that situation, so I kept filming, ” he explained.

Watch the Twitter video below …


Source: Actualidad RT