A Father Fights A Shark To Save His Sons Life In The US (PHOTOS)

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The shark bit the teenager in the leg when he was 8 meters from shore playing in the waves with his sister.

A 16-year-old teenager was attacked by a shark on a beach in North Carolina (USA) and his father managed to save him by fighting arm-in-arm with the animal. The event took place last week and although the young man was injured, his injuries are not serious,  local media reported.

Nick Arthur and his sister were in the water about 8 meters from shore jumping in the waves when the boy started screaming. “I tried to lift my leg over the water and I saw, OMG, a five foot shark was glued to it,” Nick said. There was a lot of blood and scrambled sand, so the young man could not see well what was happening.

The sister managed to return safely to the shore and ask for help from her father, who threw himself into the water to rescue his son. Between the two of them they started hitting the shark, but the animal only released its leg when the father hit him in the nose, after which they were both finally able to escape.

Nick suffered up to 40 puncture wounds to the leg and scrapes to his hands which he did while trying to loosen the grip on the predator’s jaw.

Joel Fodrie, associate professor at the University of North Carolina Institute of Marine Sciences at Chapel Hill, told the Today portal that the odds of a shark attack are “very, very, very low”, but despite that, they always you have to go to the beach with caution.

This year, fewer shark attacks have been reported worldwide, probably because many beaches remained closed due to the covid-19 pandemic. Typically, there are about 80 attacks a year, while to date only 18 documented cases are known, 7 of them in the US.

Thus, in May, Ben Kelly, a 26-year-old surfer from Santa Cruz, California, died after being attacked by a great white shark, becoming the first person to be killed by a shark in Northern California since 2004.

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Source: Actualidad RT