Three Puerto Rican Crew Members Are Repatriated Aboard The MS Marina

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The Puerto Rico Ports Authority (APPR) , in collaboration with the United States Coast Guard (“US Coast Guard”) and the Puerto Rico Department of Health, assisted in the repatriation of three Puerto Rican crew members aboard the MS Marina of Oceania Cruises.

The executive director of the APPR, Joel A. Pizá Batiz , explained that the MS Marina arrived Monday morning at the Echo anchorage post, located on the outskirts of Isla Grande , to allow three Puerto Ricans on board to get off it, as part of a repatriation mission for crew members of the Norwegian Cruise line and its subsidiaries, through the Caribbean region.

The cruise began the crew repatriation mission on May 23 from the Port of Miami.

“During the return of these citizens, the MS Marina did not dock at any time on a pier in the bay of San Juan. Only the three Puerto Rican crew members got off the cruise using a boat from the ship. As a precautionary measure, the three crew members underwent serological and molecular tests of the Covid-19 by personnel from the Health Department, as soon as they went ashore, ”said APPR executive director Joel A. Pizá Batiz.

The Secretary of Health, Lorenzo González Feliciano, explained that “both personnel from the Office of Epidemiology and Research, as well as from the Public Health Laboratory were inserted in this effort to guarantee that these Puerto Ricans are administered tests, both serological and molecular. Upon arrival in Puerto Rico, they were guided by the protocols established by the Department of Health and the government of Puerto Rico for travelers arriving on the island. These crew members will receive constant follow-up and guidance to assure us about their health, as well as guarantee that they follow the established recommendations. ”

The APPR executive director added that, after leaving the three Puerto Rican crew members, MS Marina was allowed to refuel, before continuing with its mission to repatriate crew members of the different Norwegian Cruise Line cruises through the Caribbean region. 

Three Puerto Rican Crew Members Are Repatriated Aboard The MS Marina

“Following the guidelines issued by Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced in mid-March, today we were able to successfully receive these three repatriated Puerto Rican crew members without the cruise ship docking at a dock in San Juan. We continue to take all necessary measures to minimize the possible transmission of the COVID-19 coronavirus on the island, “concluded Pizá Batiz.



Source: Portal Cruceros