The Incredible Fight Between A Man And A Giant Serpent (VIDEO)

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This man’s encounter with the python was recorded on video and uploaded to the Python Cowboy channel on YouTube.

A man who is dedicated to hunting snakes in South Florida, United States, posted a video on YouTube that has amazed more than one. In the images you can see the confrontation between him and a python about five meters long and weighing about 70 kilos.

In the video that has already gone viral on YouTube, it shows how Mark Kimmel enters a swamp following the tracks of a python. In this area he had discovered the waste of one and investigated to know how close it could be. After a few minutes this animal was found and the arduous fight began.

“I think it is the largest I have ever encountered. It will not be easy because of the vegetation so I will have to aim directly at the head, ”he explained when he saw her. From one moment to the next, he pulls her and the snake bites his arm, causing a hole in his artery and damaging his nerves.

The snake’s reaction was to wrap him up, though not enough because Kimmel managed to grab him by the head and drag him to his vehicle where he sacrificed him.

The man’s fight with the animal was recorded on video and was published on his YouTube channel called ‘ Python Cowboy‘. “This is the biggest one I have ever caught. It is definitely the largest we have registered on this channel, ”he said.


Source: El Popular