What Is That Creepy Sound Coming From The Golden Gate Bridge (VIDEO)

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The Golden Gate, the most famous bridge in San Francisco, USA, has surprised everyone by a ghostly sound that began to emit. Beyond many theories, we tell you the answer to this event that did not stop surprising.

The Golden Gate Bridge is not only an icon of San Francisco, but of the entire United States. Many films have had her as the protagonist, and those who visit the city seek to have her photo. It opened in 1937 and was known to be the longest and tallest bridge in the world. In total it has 227 meters, connecting San Francisco with Sausalito.

But in recent weeks the Golden Gate bridge began to make news not because of its figure, but because of the phantasmagorical sound it began to generate. It was the subject of conversation throughout the city. There were many theories, because the sound was very penetrating and mysterious . Before continuing with the reading of the note, I invite you to enter the video of the tweet that follows to hear the sound.

According to LiveScience magazine, this is a dissonant three-tone sound, for many quite creepy. Some say they have heard it from up to 5 kilometers away, surely due to the penetration of sharp sound waves. Suddenly the bridge seemed to become something like a huge musical instrument.

Bridge repairs

During the weekend the sound appeared as the strong wind crossed the bay area. Fortunately the answer was not long in coming. It was a construction made on the bridge was responsible for the terrifying sound. The last modification made was the installation of a new bicycle lane.

SF311, the city’s non-urgent information service, indicated that the vibration caused by the wind on metal slats installed on the new lane gave rise to this special music. Clearly the intensity and direction of the wind were decisive in the occurrence of the hum.

The bay area is known for two things. On the one hand, the advective fogs that advance from the sea towards the city and on the other hand, the intense wind that is easily channelled into the entrance to the bay where the Golden Gate suspension bridge is located.

The wind is the first responsible

The topic took on such a dimension that even the National Meteorological Service (NWS) provided information. To achieve the emission of that special sound, wind gusts of up to 67 km / h were necessary, with constant values ​​between 48 and 56 km / h. In nearby counties those values ​​were even exceeded.

KQED , a local media outlet, reported that the placement of the slats is part of a project to make the bridge more aerodynamic so that it has long-term structural security. Keep in mind that it is 83 years old. A better shape of the bridge would help mitigate the effect of the wind that is intense in the area.

The developers and builders of the slats knew that vibrations could be generated and some sound emitted when the wind was strong. Perhaps they did not have in mind that it motivates the population so much. Now, unless they make some changes, the sound of the bridge can be a new attraction of the city.

Watch and listen to the Twitter video below ….


Source: meteored.mx

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