They Find One Of The 175 Bottles With Messages Near A Remote Island Launched Into The Sea 25 Years Ago

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Jia Qing Huang, a resident of the island of Taiwan (China), found a bottle with two messages that was thrown into the sea 25 years ago by an employee of the Museum of the Ocean of the Russian city of Kaliningrad from the Kruzenshtern boat, reports Rossíiskaya Gazeta.

The man explained that he found the bottle last August during boat races near Orchid Island and said it brought him good luck as his team won the competition.

175 bottles with notes inside were thrown into the ocean by the employee Irina Bóikina, who participated in an expedition that went around the world between 1995 and 1996. During the first years 12 of them were found in Cape Verde, Brazil, Australia, South Africa and the Netherlands.

Museum staff are currently planning to find out what the number of the bottle was to try to reconstruct its route.



Source: Actualidad RT