A Florida Family Finds This In Their Swimming Pool (VIDEO)

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They decided to capture him and move him to a nearby pond with the help of a garbage can.

A family in Hillsborough County, Florida, discovered a small alligator swimming in their home pool Monday. Carlos Rivera, a family member, told WFTS that his relatives did not believe him when he gave them the news. “Everyone thought I was joking, ” he recalls.

The family decided to wait until the crocodile came out of the pool and catch it themselves, as it was small in size and they did not know which authority to turn to. So they captured it in a garbage can and released it into a nearby pond where there are advertisements warning of the presence of these reptiles.

However, the Florida Nature Commission recalls that there are special services that can capture these animals when they pose a danger to citizens. They also warn that state legislation prohibits killing these animals, as well as feeding them, and urge the population to always maintain security measures.

Watch the Youtube video below …


Source: ActualidadRT